3 thoughts on “LastPass for Security and One Time Password Feature”

  1. I'm unfortunately just not sold on the security of LastPass after the multiple security breeches they have experienced over the past year. May change in the future but right now I use RoboForm and have never experienced an issue with security. Very user friendly and well supported with 12 hour live phone support based in the US. They have such a great product and were the first on the market. Can't really justify switching to another service until RoboForm's features are at least caught up with.

    1. Phillip, Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I do recall the incident last May and it's certainly troubling. I've decided to stay with LastPass, mainly upon the endorsement of Steve Gibson, from the Security Now podcast. He did a detailed show on it and here is an excerpt from YouTube that is 10", if you'd care to listen – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4-h5gWpvAc. I appreciate the security of no one from LastPass or anyone else, for that matter, will be able to access my vault. Since this attack, it probably woke the LastPass people up and their security is more enhanced now.

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