Why I Got A VPN Service

I’m a computer enthusiast—I like to hear about and sometimes be one of the first to try out new software and gadgets. I was a Microsoft OneDrive Ambassador years ago and have participated in their Windows and Office Insider Programs. This article is about why I got a VPN service along with some of the privacy, security and geo-location advantages. That said, I’m not a

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QuickBooks Start-up Lessons Learned

Millions of small businesses use QuickBooks for their accounting. QuickBooks has evolved from only a desktop program to choosing their monthly SAAS on-line version along with apps for any device. I used it years ago, but discovered my business really didn’t need that robust of a program. I didn’t enjoy being forced to upgrade every other year either! In this article, I’ll be sharing QuickBooks

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Free Training With Your Library Card!

Editor’s Note: This article is being updated January of 2018 to give more screen shots and more information on exactly where to find the training place on the library website! What additional services does your library offer? Libraries do much more than lend books, music and movies. We’re going to look at – a popular and highly-rated training service that sells for $25/month.

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Sling TV Review

Sling Television – I heard about it in the spring this year and was intrigued. Finally a low-cost solution for watching sports – yes it includes ESPN and ESPN2! I’m an avid college football fan and every Saturday is Game Day! I listen to college football podcasts and in general spend all of Saturday watching games. We’ve used Cox Cable for years and its worked

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Get Your Windows 10 Upgrade For Free

On January 21st, Microsoft had a huge media event to showcase and announce what’s next for Windows.  You may recall that months previous to this, Microsoft stunned their followers by skipping Windows 9 (the logical next step from Windows 8.1), and going straight to Windows 10. We’ve had some time to digest that news and the next thing we were wondering was ‘will the upgrade

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