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Outlook 2019 Features & Tips

Outlook 2019 has been out since last fall and if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you didn’t have to buy it, you received it with the incremental updates you get with O365. The Outlook 2019 Features & Tips in this article don’t all apply just to 2019, but these are helpful, time saving and things the typical user perhaps isn’t aware of. My Top 12…

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How To Add Guests in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams have become very popular since they added the ability to invite guests to a Team or Group. Working with your co-workers is a breeze, but getting Guest Access ready for Teams takes a bit of doing. This article will show you how to add guests to Microsoft Teams and what you need to do to get Teams Guest access ready. Then we’ll look…

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OneDrive for Business Restore vs. Recycle Features

Microsoft rolled out the anticipated OneDrive For Business Restore feature in January, 2018. It’s described as a self-service recovery feature that allows everyone (admins and end users), the ability to go back and restore file(s) up to 30 days in time. We’re going to look at the Restore feature and compare it to the Recycle Bin feature. OneDrive Restore Feature This feature is in OneDrive…

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How To Disable The Groove Sync Client

By now, those of us with Windows 10 and the Fall (2017) Windows Creator’s Update are using the newest OneDrive sync engine. It’s the one with FOD (files on demand). This sync client is the one after NGSC (next gen sync client). I’ve noticed that some of my clients still are showing the old (Groove) OneDrive sync client. This article and video will show you…

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Office 365 For The Beginner

Last week I had the opportunity to talk to a local physician’s office about Office 365 for beginners. I had the opportunity to show them how to login for the first time. This was exciting to me because this small group hadn’t even looked at their brand new tenant and it would be a start from the beginning! Their IT guy got everything set up…

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9 Beginner Excel Tips

This is the third in our series of Microsoft Office application tips and I’ve got 9 beginner Excel Tips for you in video form. I’m classifying these as beginner tips. They are tasks that a typical Excel user would probably do on a daily basis when using spreadsheets. Things like resizing columns, inserting rows or columns and basic formulas. Here’s the list of 9 tips…

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GoDaddy’s Office 365 and OneDrive For Business Problems

I’ve dealt with OneDrive for Business sync issues for years and probably have about 100 hours of support under my belt. Most issues have occurred because of the Groove sync client. Recently, I had the ‘pleasure’ of fixing GoDaddy’s Office 365 and OneDrive for Business problems. Two clients were referred to me by Call That Girl (Lisa Hendrickson). She is an expert in Outlook and…

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