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Outlook 2019 Features & Tips

Outlook 2019 has been out since last fall and if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you didn’t have to buy it, you received it with the incremental updates you get with O365. The Outlook 2019 Features & Tips in this article don’t all apply just to 2019, but these are helpful, time saving and things the typical user perhaps isn’t aware of. My Top 12 […]

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How To Set Up An Out Of Office Notification-for Outlook & O365

I had a friend ask me how to set up an out of office response using Outlook 2013 for her work account. She was going on vacation and didn’t want to feel pressured to be checking her email every day. She does not have Office 365 or an Exchange server, so there were a couple of steps necessary to get this done using a combination

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Office 365 Clutter Feature

The Office 365 Clutter feature is a machine learning software that silently watches your email habits in the background and then after a while, starts moving emails it has noticed you’re not opening and moves them to the Clutter folder. Clutter came out in November, 2014 and was originally turned off for every user. As of June this year (2015), this feature is now automatically

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Create Your Outlook Email Signature

Are you using email signatures effectively? At all? It’s so easy to create your email signature and it makes your email look professional, if you’re a business, or you can be quirky,if it’s personal. How to do this you ask? For Office 2013 or 2010, start off by clicking the ‘File’ button. You’ll be taken to the ‘back-stage’ view of Outlook. Then click Options>Mail. Look

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How To Set Up a Team Site in SharePoint-Office 365

As a small business owner using Office 365, how do you get off to a productive start in the fastest possible way? This article will focus on how to quickly set up a SharePoint Team Site in Office 365, add documents and a Task List and then let your people know where to go to access them. After you’ve logged in from the web, you’ll

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