Excel Tips on Formulas & Circular References

This week I have some video tips on some things I recently figured out while using Excel and I thought I’d share them on my blog.

Some spreadsheets I use daily gave me an annoying message every time I opened them about a circular reference error. A circular reference is created when you refer to same cell either directly or indirectly. For months I never stopped to figure out exactly where it was as I thought it would be too time consuming since my spreadsheets have multiple formulas in them.

I use Excel 2010 and it’s ridiculously easy to fix a circular reference. It’s up first here in the video.


Fix Circular References in Excel & Other Tips


Check your Formulas

When in Excel, click on the ‘Formulas’ tab at the top and you’ll find some very useful functions. In the video, I demonstrate how to ‘Trace Precedents’ and ‘Trace Dependents’. These tools tell you what cells are included in a formula and tell you what cells are affected by the value of the currently selected cells—well, it all makes more sense when you watch the video!








I hope you enjoy and please stop over at my YouTube channel as I have more short videos with tips and shortcuts that may be helpful to you.

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