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A2 WordPress Web Hosting–Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my website hosting move from Hostgator to A2 Hosting. Much has happened since then and I’m doing a follow-up blog article about my experiences. The day after my article was published, there was a very polite comment on my blog from Brian Muthig, CEO/Founder of A2. He apologized for my bad experience and wanted to find out the…

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Screen Capture–Skitch vs. Snipping Tool

A tool I use everyday is the Windows Snipping Tool. I wrote about Snipping Tool back in 2011. It’s a great utility belt tool for getting quick screenshots to demo or illustrate a point. There are times when you need more and Skitch (from Evernote)  fits the bill. In this article, we’ll take a look at Snipping Tool and Skitch and when you would use…

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How To Make Your Own Passport Photo

It was time to renew our passport, so I went on-line to see what resources I could find at the U.S. Passport site. There, I found a great tool and then needed to figure out how to take the photos and get them in a format where I could get them printed. So I decided to make a video on how to make your own…

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U.S. Passport

Resize & Optimize Images On-Line Free

If you work on the web, blogging  or using social media, you will most likely need to post images at some point. The Internet has made it easy for us to post photos and images – just browse for a file and upload it and it’s there! This usually works well for photos taken from our phone, they are most likely taken in an optimized…

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How To Automatically Publish Your Blog to Social Media Accounts

If you’re a regular blogger and want to automatically get your latest blog out to social media, you could try Dlvr.it (yes, deliver it is the truncated name). I heard about this from Nancy Seeger, of Arts Assistance, in the IVAA forums. She was answering a question someone had about automatically getting content out. I went to check it out and signed up for an…

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Search Engine for Images–CompFight & PhotoDropper Plugin

Last week we looked at places to get free images to add to our collections. This week, I wanted to show you how to use Compfight, a tool that searches for images across both Flickr and iStockPhoto as well as PhotoDropper, a WordPress plugin. Compfight-Search for Images on the Web I like this search tool because it’s clean and easy to use. Below is a…

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Use About.Me to Showcase Your Profile

Are you everywhere on the web? By everywhere I mean, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Google+, your blog/website, YouTube; all the usual places socially connected people are. Once you’ve built up accounts at all your favorite locations, wouldn’t it be nice to have one url to share with your network? The site, About.Me does a more-than-adequate job in providing a one-stop shop for you to showcase yourself or…

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Screenshot Captor-Multi-Purpose Tool

My primary (and only) screen capture tool has been Microsoft’s Snipping Tool. When I found it bundled with the OS, I tried it, and since then, have used it just about every day. There have been two shortcomings though – no way to blur sensitive snips and text can not be added. These are two features I need frequently. So at the urging of a…

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