Two Tips LinkedIn is Hiding From You

This week, I’ve got two LinkedIn tips for you via video. I found them in a ‘Forbes’ article by William Arruda where he wrote an article listing 22 tips. So check it out for more. The first tip is how to turn off notifications when you make edits to your profile. It could be a bit embarrassing when you make a change, save it, make …

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LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn is adding new features yet again (on 9-24-12). This time it’s an endorsement feature. Now when you log into LinkedIn, you most likely will be asked to endorse some people that you are connected with. When I first logged in after the change, I was asked if I wanted to endorse the skills of four people, so you may see this too. LinkedIn Endorsements …

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LinkedIn – New Features To Highlight Strengths

Do you check LinkedIn periodically for new features that might beef up your profile and make you look like more of an authority?   The best way to find out is just to log into LinkedIn and get in the edit mode and first look over your profile. Look around for anything that says ‘new’.  Below you can see something new added. This section will highlight …

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Twitter on LinkedIn

If you find it difficult to tear yourself away from Twitter and Facebook to pay a little attention to updating your LinkedIn accounts…never fear– you can still get your Twitter fix on LinkedIn! If you have a well-developed LinkedIn presence, you’ve probably added Applications to your page. I wrote about the new LinkedIn Applications last November. One of them is Company Buzz. After clicking on …

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