Recover Deleted Email

You know that feeling when you’ve highlighted a number of emails and held down the shift key and tapped the delete key to permanently delete them all and then you spy an email in the group (just before they disappear) that you didn’t want to delete! Yes, I’m sure we’ve all done that. This article will show you how to recover deleted emails – from […]

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4 Outlook.com Organizing Tips

Outlook.com email has had significant upgrades this fall. The new in-box look is cleaner and brighter. This post will focus on four Outlook.com organizing tips that are big time savers. They are: Easily delete, find or move all email from a specific sender Ability to select everything from a particular folder and delete it quickly Using the sweep feature, manage email from a particular sender

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Secure and Verify Your Outlook.com Account

Free email providers (like Outlook.com) have beefed up security. We’re going to go through the steps you need to take to verify your Outlook.com account. Verifying your account means you enter in an alternate email address (and perhaps your smart phone number too). You’ll then ask for and receive a code from Microsoft, enter it in and that proves to Microsoft that you’re the owner

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