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A How-To For Your Mind

Learning to attain our potential. Mindset. This article is a how-to for our minds instead of software or gadgets. It’s about the fixed mindset vs. getting to a growth mindset. Oh yes, I read a book! I came across this in Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. published in 2006. I discovered it when I read Michael Hyatt’s list of 10 top business books he […]

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Principle 7 | Social Investment

We’ve arrived to the final principle in our Happiness Advantage series. It’s all about social investment, i.e. investing in relationships that shelter, sustain and nurture us. Having close relationships is what gets us through the challenges of life. Some of us are really good at opening up and sharing challenges and setbacks and then some of us like to tough it out and handle it

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principle 7 - social investment

Principle 6 – The 20-Second Rule or How to Turn Bad Habits Into Good Ones

We are on Principle 6 in our Happiness Advantage journey. Mastery or even improvement in this area will likely lead to a jump in our productivity (and happiness), because we will be turning bad habits into good ones. Achor, the author, has titled this principle cryptically – you won’t know what he means by the 20-second rule until the middle of the chapter. I won’t

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20 second rule-how to change bad ha bits into good ones

The Zorro Circle-or Gain Control

We’re on Principle 5 of ‘The Happiness Advantage’,  called the Zorro Circle. This is, of course, is a reference to the movie, Zorro. Before Zorro became the swashbuckling hero we remember, he had fallen into drinking and despair. That’s when Don Diego meets him and starts his training by drawing a small circle on the floor and telling him “This circle will be your world,

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zorro effect-regain control

Falling Up-or Find Your Path Up After A Setback

We are going over the 4th Principle – Falling Up, from The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor. The tagline is, ‘Capitalizing on the Downs to Build Upward Momentum’. After reading through the chapter again, I’d summarize it by saying this is about experiencing setbacks, roadblocks, failures and any kind of adversity. After taking some time to adjust and reflect, you look for the positive and

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Falling Up-Find your path

The Tetris Effect-Retrain Your Brain

Principle Three of ‘The Happiness Advantage’, is called The Tetris Effect. I like to call it ‘Retrain Your Brain to see Things In A More Positive Way’. Achor calls this ‘The Tetris Effect’, in reference to the digital game, Tetris. I think I’ve played it a few times. He’s making a connection between people playing Tetris for hours on end and then after they quit

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retrain your brain

Change Your Mindset-Change Your Performance

The second principle of Shawn Achor’s book, ‘The Happiness Advantage’ is The Fulcrum and the Lever. I think it’s more easily understood if you substitute, Change Your Mindset-Change Your Performance. Below is a visual of a fulcrum (the mind) and lever (power – the longer your lever, the more power/leverage you’ll have). The point being made is that “Our brains have the power to maximize

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Change your Mindset-Change your Result

Social Media Conference-Tulsa

This was my second year to attend the Tulsa Social Media Conference, put on by the effervescent Cheryl Lawson, aka @PartyAficionado and her team of hard working social mavens. Last year’s conference exceeded my expectations. There was national as well as local talent. I got to meet some people, both far away and local, that I’ve kept in touch with over the last year. I

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