Sharing Using OneDrive for Business versus OneDrive

Office 365 and OneDrive for Business are an essential part of my business. Today, we’re going to focus on how easy it is to share documents with OneDrive for Business vs. the consumer OneDrive. Remember you can get OneDrive for business as a stand-alone product for just $5/month with unlimited storage and 10GB uploads. I’ve made a 3 minute video that leaves no doubt that […]

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Importance of Attending Live Conferences

This week, I’ve been in Philadelphia at the IVAA Live Conference. (International Virtual Assistants Association). I’ve only been a member of IVAA for about a year and felt that getting to know some from this group would be an encouragement to me and perhaps I could encourage others. In addition it’s a great networking experience  and I’ve always found it worthwhile to meet people. A

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SkyDrive-Fresh & Fast

SkyDrive has had its final (I think), big refresh in preparation for the Windows 8 release coming in October. The SkyDrive team blogged earlier this week about the latest going on with SkyDrive. There was also a link to get the latest update – now my SkyDrive is sporting a fresh, metro, modern look! You’ll notice the tile-look on SkyDrive. The photos still rotate so

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How to Archive your Paper Memories

Do you have boxes of grade school, high school, vacation or other paper ‘treasures’ taking up room in your closets? Do you want to reduce the amount of paper? Hate to part with them,yet tired of keeping them around? My tech tip for this week may be a good solution for you. I’ve made a video that both shows a project I did while telling

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The Div–Dedicated to Innovation

This space has been dedicated to talking about web tools, gadgets and ideas in the tech space for the last four years. This week’s article will be a little different. The last two years, I’ve been heavily into WordPress, (I used it first just for blogging, but have since moved my website to WordPress). This happened because I started attending our local WordPress Users Group

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Microsoft SkyDrive-New and Improved

Without any fanfare, Microsoft updates Windows Live SkyDrive with some impressive features. Let’s dig in to what caught my eye. New Microsoft SkyDrive Features 25GB of free storage (not new, but worth highlighting) no annoying ads anymore – thanks, Microsoft, this is much appreciated All your stuff in one place in an explorer-like presentation with folders listed alphabetically Sort through your SkyDrive stuff by clicking

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How To Track & Organize Tasks, Collaborate & Get Things Done

Finding the ultimate in how to manage and share tasks has occupied my thoughts, and I’ve spent some time doing research on ‘the best way’ to accomplish this.I thought I’d share my findings. Web Based Task Systems There are dozens of web-based tools to list our tasks. Here are a few to get you started: Jott, OmniFocus, Things, Remember the Milk and Reqall, I used

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Bring Twitter to LinkedIn

Last week, I wrote about getting your Twitter fix on LinkedIn by using the Company Buzz feature to search for topics while in LinkedIn. Wish I would have known then that Twitter and LinkedIn were going to be sharing updates as it would have been all one article – so this will be pretty brief. It was announced this week that folks using LinkedIn now

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