Google’s Search Influence – AMP Project

Just finished listening to Social Media Examiner’s podcast about the Google AMP Project (accelerated mobile pages). The guest was Leslie Samuel of Become A Blogger  podcast fame. The Google AMP project was introduced last October. The goal is to speed up web pages loading on mobile devices. We’ve all been on our mobile device and wanted to quickly get to a website, but it took…

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the google amp project and mobile search

Microsoft Goes Android

If you’ve been paying attention to Microsoft the last year or so, you may have noticed that their focus is on Mobile and Cloud and making things readily available to consumers. Microsoft has kind of gone Android. In my opinion, they are focusing so much on other platforms (Android & Apple), that they have been putting Windows Phone users on the sidelines as far as…

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windows phone vs. galaxy s5

Import Live Calendar into Google Calendar

If you are using Microsoft calendar that comes with Windows 7, or have downloaded and installed Windows Live Calendar (and mail),  did you know you can import other iCal standard calendars into your Live calendar or you can put your Live Calendar into your Gmail Calendar? Sometimes, it’s nice to have your Live and Google calendars (and mail), in the same place. This article will…

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Consolidate Email With Windows Live or Gmail

It’s easier than ever to consolidate your email accounts in one place. If you prefer Windows Live Mail (free with the Vista or Windows 7 OS), or if you prefer Gmail, both make it easy to get all your email under control and in one place. Let’s take a look. Here are great step-by-step instructions from Microsoft, so I won’t go into that level of…

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Sync Outlook and Google Contacts

There is the handy Google calendar sync download that will do a 1 or 2-way calendar sync, but it doesn’t handle syncing contacts. I thought Google or Microsoft would address this limitation, but I’ve found that WebGear has stepped in to offer the free GO Contact Sync that does the job very nicely with many options from which to choose. This open source program is…

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Free Google Mail, Calendar & Docs Training

Last week, we talked about the extensive, free training resources available for learning Microsoft Office. We highlighted the new Ribbon Hero interactive, game-style training. This week, we’ll focus on Google mail, calendar and docs and where to go to find training for these popular programs. I signed up for gmail about three years ago and have my mail coming into my Outlook where I prefer…

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Google Voice-Keep Your Original Number

Google Voice made some attractive changes announced in their blog October 26th. Until now, those of us lucky enough to receive an invitation had to make a difficult choice to change our number over to our Google number—or not. This week, Google said they recognize how difficult it is for some to give up their numbers, so they’ve been able to tweak the technology to…

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Google Calendar Sync With Outlook & Plaxo

My most popular posts have been about calendar syncing. With so many of us using Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows Live and Plaxo and our smart phones, it’s complicated keeping everything in sync among our devices and platforms. New With Google Calendar offline access to gain read-only access to your calendar, just go to any page on your calendar and click the ‘offline’ button at the…

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