Amazon Prime Music-June, 2014

We’re going to look at Amazon Prime Music, launched mid-June, 2014. This music streaming service is free to all Amazon Prime members. They’ve had  music in the cloud for some time, but it was your music and you had to upload it, (that took time and bandwidth). The new Amazon Prime Music has been upgraded. There are apps for the web, Android, iOS, etc. everything […]

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B.C. Clark Jingle—so Oklahoma

If you’re from Oklahoma or live in Oklahoma, then you know “The Jingle”. It was written back in 1956 and was made for B.C. Clark Jewelers, an Oklahoma City jeweler since 1892. The catchy tune kicks off each year at Thanksgiving and plays both on the radio and TV. It’s easy to remember and sing along with. It’s one of those songs that emotes goodwill—if

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