Resources (Tools I use or can Recommend)

Storage Solutions

OneDrive for Business icon

OneDrive (and OneDrive for Business) –  use your Microsoft account to get 2GB of free storage space. You can also share to social networks or collaborate in real time with people on projects.

I can send client’s WordPress websites backups to my OneDrive storage which is great.

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DropBox – easy to use sharing and storage. Get a free account that comes with 2GB.

google drive icon

Google DriveI have it because of the Google services I use (like Goog Analytics and Search Console).

I send some client backups to Goog Drive, but overall I prefer Microsoft products.

Computer Backup

backblaze backup icon

BackBlaze – Backblaze is a cloud storage/backup service I’m currently using. It’s been very easy to implement. I get emails if they think anything is wrong.

Cost is around $50/year. I haven’t had to restore my computer from an outage so far, but I’m glad it’s there backing up my entire hard drive.

Carbonite – I used this in years past and it’s a good product.  Cost is around $85/year. Deals are available from time to time. Business plans available.

WordPress Resources

Astra Themes – I switched over to Astra and have really enjoyed how fast the theme loads.
The theme is free but you can upgrade to Astra Pro and get a lot more.
There’s many great YouTube videos showing you how to use it.

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Backup Plugins

BackupBuddy – I’ve used this for around 10 years and can restore sites pretty fast with it. It’s also good for rolling back if something gets messed up.

Updraft Plus – I started using this in 2020 for a couple sites where I had problems with BUB. It’s also a good product, but instead of restoring 1 file, there are 4 to restore.


I’ve used Gravity Forms since I started blogging and find it easy to use and their help desk is great too. There are so many add-ons for this product.

WP Forms – this form maker comes with the Astra theme and is a great, basic form.

Other Tools I Use and Love


Remote Login – TeamViewer

This is software I use to log in to my clients’ computers to check on things, fix things or screenshare with them. I’ve been using this since about 2014. There is a 1-time cost (I paid $775 with some discounts). The cost is 1-time, but as they release new versions, current users can upgrade for around $240.

Password Keeper -LastPass

This is my remembral (ha ha, from Harry Potter).

My memory used to be pretty good for recalling passwords – until I had more than 10 to remember! Then I started a spreadsheet and kept it handily next to my computer – not real secure, was it? It also became hard to find the password I was looking for.

Then I discovered LastPass – the last password you’ll ever need to remember and life was good again. Seriously, you need some kind of secure, quality password keeper forlastpass logo your sites. The great thing is, once you sign up (free service + premium add-ons) and install the browser extension, the software will automatically ask you to save each new site you visit – you do NOT have to enter in all your passwords. This saved my sanity!

RoboForm –  – have not used, but I’ve heard good things.

Keepass – I started using this, but I didn’t keep up with it. I think I had to enter each password in – too tedious. This is an open-source software, so if you want to dig into the code (not for me), go for it.




Newsletters – MailChimp & Constant Contact

I’ve used MailChimp  for many years and with several newsletters I author. Although many things in the program aren’t that intuitive (at least to me), the directions are great. It’s free for up to 2,000 names – not bad.

Constant Contact is a more “adult” version of MailChimp and not free. They have concise directions too and very expandable with your business.

 I use this product to record all my videos. It is so powerful, yet if you don’t need to do a lot of editing, it’s also easy to use.

YouTube – The #2 search engine and the place where I grow my audience more than anywhere else. If you have a blog, you should think about recording videos and start a YouTube channel. This link goes to my YouTube Channel.

Slideshare – This is owned by LinkedIn/Microsoft and is a place to showcase videos, documents and presentations. It’s well known and respected. I consider it a great place to re-purpose content. For example, if I make a video and upload it to YouTube, why not put it over on SlideShare too?

Canva – since this free tool came out around 2015 or so, it has helped me create eye-catching graphics and images for me and my clients. It’s free to use and there are pay portions of it. Get this!

HootSuite – this is a social media schedule that I’ve used since 2016 or so. It makes scheduling my client’s social media so much more efficient. The posting interface is much nicer and includes a FREE media library – nice! I do all my Instagram postings from HootSuite instead of my phone!

Feedly – this is a feed reader. I cut and paste urls in it that are associated with blogs I enjoy reading or for blogs I check for curating content for my clients. It’s free with options to pay for bigger and better.

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