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Microsoft Account Security and Privacy

Do you think that your Microsoft email account might be compromised and wish you could see if anyone else has signed into it? This article will show you how to check your Microsoft Account Security and Privacy. You can check your email sign-on history, browsing history, all the services you have with Microsoft and much more. Check all this by signing into https://account.microsoft.com. Just like…

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My Experience With FixMyWP

My website was hacked/compromised in January of 2016. You can read the whole story here from my experience with A2 hosting. I thought I had it cleaned up, but it was suggested to me to have it scanned by a professional website cleaner. The referral given to me was Makis Mourelatos from FixMyWP –  http://fixmywp.com/wordpress-hacked-fix. Side note – I believe the reason my site got…

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A2 WordPress Web Hosting–Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my website hosting move from Hostgator to A2 Hosting. Much has happened since then and I’m doing a follow-up blog article about my experiences. The day after my article was published, there was a very polite comment on my blog from Brian Muthig, CEO/Founder of A2. He apologized for my bad experience and wanted to find out the…

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Web Hosts–My Experience With A2 Hosting

Web hosting – if you’re a business or a blogger, you need it. Which company do you choose? Should you move from your present host? All big and important questions. This article is about my brief move (less than 2 weeks) over A2 Hosting. I’ve been with HostGator since 2007. They have several tiers of service and the entry point can be very low (around…

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Secure and Verify Your Outlook.com Account

Free email providers (like Outlook.com) have beefed up security. We’re going to go through the steps you need to take to verify your Outlook.com account. Verifying your account means you enter in an alternate email address (and perhaps your smart phone number too). You’ll then ask for and receive a code from Microsoft, enter it in and that proves to Microsoft that you’re the owner…

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7 Things Virus Protection Companies Won’t Tell You

 This week we have guest author, John Dayton bringing a timely article on malware. People ask me how they can get a virus on their computer when they’re running anti-virus software and John does a good job explaining….About the author: When John Dayton isn’t providing poignant articles about the tech industry, you can find him reviewing forensic engineering services or having a game of catch…

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