New OneDrive and SharePoint Sharing Experience

A new OneDrive and SharePoint Sharing Experience is rolling out in August/September, 2017. This applies only to ODFB and SharePoint on-line, not OneDrive consumer. This sharing change is available both on the web and from within Windows Explorer. Now, you can right-click on a file and select ‘Share’ (it has a blue cloud beside it). Then this box (below) opens and here’s where you select…

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OneDrive and SharePoint sharing experience poster

Get Classic SharePoint Site

When I first started using Office 365 and created my first SharePoint site, it was a simple experience with the Site being created and I had my documents. Later on, when I created a Site, I saw it had to be a Team or Communication Site. Well, I wanted to get my classic SharePoint Site back! Classic SharePoint Site Settings I just heard a podcast…

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poster on how to get a classic sharepoint site

How To Rename your SharePoint Site

How to Rename your SharePoint Site Update August 28, 2019. Since this article was written, much has been done by Microsoft on making it easier to rename your SharePoint site. It was announced May 21st, 2019 at the SharePoint Conference that by the end of 2019, there will be GA (general availability), for everyone to be able to rename their SharePoint site urls. While renaming…

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how to rename your sharepoint site

OneDrive for Business SlideShare

This week I’m sharing a OneDrive for Business SlideShare presentation from John White, MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), on the history of OneDrive for Business and where we are today with it. He is a CTO and has a Master’s in Engineering. This OneDrive SlideShare was published in June, 2016. I found this while looking through LinkedIn and thought it was one of the best…

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Fixing OneDrive/SharePoint Sync Issues

When you’re using the Groove sync client, it’s easy to get sync error notifications. Sometimes they are an easy fix and sometimes you can spend a lot of time trying to first locate and then correct issues. A quick way to fix OneDrive For Business/SharePoint sync issues is to stop syncing the affected folder, renaming it (you’ll see why), and then sync it fresh. It…

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How To Do An Initial OneDrive For Business Sync

If you are putting Office 365 along with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint on a new computer or workstation, this video will show you how to start your first OneDrive For Business and SharePoint sync. (Windows 10.) I’ll outline the general steps below, but check the video to catch all the detail. This video deals with how to do the OneDrive For Business & SharePoint…

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What’s Going On-Office 365 and OneDrive For Business Sync Clients

The Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive For Business Sync engine has created a lot of confusion. There are multiple sync engines (Next Gen and Groove) that are used – depending on : what version of office is installed when they originally began using O365 if they use both OneDrive (consumer) and ODFB maybe other factors I don’t know Here’s the quick and dirty… Next Gen Sync…

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Office 365 Adds Auditing and Storage Upgrades

The Office 365 Team published a blog article on Feb. 16, 2016 about auditing  features and storage upgrades just added to Office 365. We’re going to look at the auditing features administrators can get, how our storage limits have increased and a larger size upload for documents. Here’s a 4 minute video I’ve done that gives a tour of these three areas I’ve detailed below.…

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o365 auditing and storage features
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