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WordPress 5.4 New Blocks

WordPress 5.4 was released late March of 2020 and in late April, I presented to our Oklahoma City WordPress Meetup the highlights and enhancements via Zoom.

Many thanks go to WPBeginner’s April 1st article called, “What’s New in WordPress 5.4 – Features & Screenshots. 

WordPress 5.4 New Blocks

This update really focuses on the content creator – adding new blocks and enhancing others. Here’s what I cover in the video:

  • New is the full screen editor (distraction-free writing)
  • New social icons block
  • Enhanced buttons block (formerly button block)
  • Changes to the Block Tool and how selections are made
  • Ability to highlight and change font color from within a text block
  • Columns block – ability to apply background colors, images or gradients
  • Featured Image change – now there is the ability to drag and drop
  • Gallery block settings – set image size from composing screen instead of media library
  • Breadcrumb Bar – easily get back to where you were or want to be

New Blocks in WP 5.4

Here are some images from the presentation on WordPress 5.4 new Blocks:

Welcome Screen After Updating Highlighting Block Editor


Image of Gutenberg Welcome to the Block Editor
Screen seen after updating to 5.4

 Social Icons Block

WordPress Gutenberg Social Icons block
New in 5.4 – Social Icons Block (39 included)

 Buttons Block (formerly Button Block) – Block can be styled with color, image or gradient background

New Buttons Block
Buttons block – ability to add multiple buttons in a block


New Select Tool – to select an entire section

example of columns using WordPress Gutenberg
Using the new Select Tool – it captures an entire block for editing


Presentation to the OKC WordPress Meetup

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation that I’ve added narration to – you’ll be walked through the major new blocks and improvements to WordPress 5.4.


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