Windows 10 Pause Update Feature (May-2019 Update)

The Microsoft Spring, or May 2019 Update is here for those of us in the Windows Insider Program, so I got my May update. (It’s being rolled out shortly to everyone.) One of the new features is the ability to pause the download of both feature and monthly updates for up to 35 days. The way it works is that it pauses seven days at…

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Windows Storage Sense

Windows Storage Sense has been around Windows 10 for a while, but we really need to get familiar with it now because it’s been announced that Windows Disk Cleaner is being deprecated and will go away some day (they haven’t said when). Here’s some information from Microsoft on how it will run automatically if you’re low on storage space and how it integrates with OneDrive…

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Microsoft Account Security and Privacy

Do you think that your Microsoft email account might be compromised and wish you could see if anyone else has signed into it? This article will show you how to check your Microsoft Account Security and Privacy. You can check your email sign-on history, browsing history, all the services you have with Microsoft and much more. Check all this by signing into Just like…

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9 Beginner Excel Tips

This is the third in our series of Microsoft Office application tips and I’ve got 9 beginner Excel Tips for you in video form. I’m classifying these as beginner tips. They are tasks that a typical Excel user would probably do on a daily basis when using spreadsheets. Things like resizing columns, inserting rows or columns and basic formulas. Here’s the list of 9 tips…

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9 PowerPoint Tips

The second of our 4-part Microsoft Office series is a video for you on what I think are 9 top PowerPoint tips to make you more productive as you work on your presentations. Most of these are more of a back-stage look at what you can do while presenting as well as adding those special extras to make it stand out from others. Below are…

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Fixing OneDrive for Business Sync Errors (Groove)

Editor’s Note – this article is updated on 3-23-2017 because new tools and processes have come out to help you fix your OneDrive For Business and SharePoint syncing errors. The updated section follows first: If you need help with sync errors for your business, I have a service to help business owners or individuals fix their sync problems. Check out my services page  for more…

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Outlook 2016/2013 Tips & New Features

We’re focusing on Outlook 2016 and 2013 Tips & New Features this week. I have a video that goes over what I think are things the everyday user will want to know. In the video, I feature two of the newer features with Outlook 2016/2013 which are the ability to insert a document (or link), from within your email and the new icons available that…

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