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How to use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Office 365

When Using Office 365 (Home or Business), did you know you can set up multiple Microsoft accounts to be available to you when working on and saving documents?

What do I mean by this? Well, for those of us using either Office 365 consumer or O365 Business, we know that we should get our apps set up by signing into our Microsoft account when first getting set up.

For example, open up Word and click ‘File’ to get to the backstage view, then scroll down to ‘Account’ and click on it. If you’ve never signed up, you will most likely get a prompt to do so. If you’re at work, you’ll enter in your business O365 credentials. If you’re using O365 Home, you can enter in one of your Microsoft accounts.

Backstage View of Word, looking at O365 connected services

You see in the illustration that I’m signed into a Microsoft account. But look below that and you can see I’ve connected my O365 Business account as well. So I’m using multiple accounts – efficient!

Video of How To Add Your Microsoft Accounts

I did a short video to show you how to sign in and personalize your Microsoft Office desktop apps experience.

I also did a SlideShare you can look at or download that highlights the top things to do once you buy Office 365.

Office 365 Business Accounts

Now if you’re at work, you probably won’t want to connect any personal accounts, just your business O365 account.

After you’ve signed in with your business credentials, you’ll want to connect, or add-in both your SharePoint sites and your ODB (OneDrive for Business). You do this in the backstage view – look for connected services at the bottom (see illustration above).

Office 365 Personal Accounts

If you have Office 365 Home (the $99/year subscription service), you’ll be able to add multiple Microsoft accounts to your desktop apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

For my situation, I work from home, so I don’t mind having both my business O365 and personal O365 accounts all together on one computer. On this work station, I have 3 accounts and I can switch among them if I wish. all my Microsoft accounts and I can switch among them

However, I really don’t need to because I’m able to save my documents into either my ODB, SharePoint or OneDrive consumer since I’ve connected all these services on my computer.

When I do a ‘Save As’ command, you’ll see I’m presented with three OneDrive or SharePoint choices. I can also choose to save to the local drive (Computer) if I wish.

This gives users a way and choice to put documents in the storage of their choosing.

what the Microsoft Word 'save as' looks like


Choose What’s Best for You

I hope this was helpful and perhaps gives you some ideas to make your own work flow more convenient and productive.


5 thoughts on “How to use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Office 365”

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  2. Which does not of course answer the question of whether you can have multiple licenses for Office 365 personal. I’m presuming that if you tried it on the same credit card, Microsoft would consolidate your purchases into one license. I tried to buy one for an elderly couple who can’t manage anything themselves on my card and they overwrote my personal license for Office365 and it was a nightmare straightening it out.

  3. What a mess – sorry to hear about that. I’ve not tried to have 2 personal O365 licenses. That’s a good thing to keep in mind if I want to do that.

    I do have a Biz 365 and a personal 365 which were set up with 2 different credit cards, so no problems there.

    What did MSFT say about it? Did they let you know what happened? Curious about that. Thanks for your comment and experience.


  4. Hi Lynn,
    So far, your post is the best explanation I have seen about a user successfully managing Microsoft 365 Personal and 365 Business on the same machines. It gives me hope!

    Here’s my situation:

    I have Microsoft 365 Family subscription, deployed to multiple family users and on multiple computers. Basically $99/yr for five users. I have a couple user licenses left over. It solves 90% of all needs.

    I am adding a consulting business for some of my projects, and have a domain reserved, etc… I need a full office productivity suite. My friendly web developer likes Google Suite, but my clients and I live in Microsoft environments (and some additional software is designed to pair with 365 Business). Accordingly, Microsoft 365 Business Standard might be a better product for my situation. I have no problem with the $12.50/user/month for a full suite business setup for my 2-3 users. My concern is whether and how I can have both 365 Family and 365 Business on the same machines. Specifically, if I try to add a Business Standard user account, I am concerned that the Business Standard setup and app installations will cause a conflict between the 365 business setup and the 365 Family personal accounts, if installed on the same machines. I don’t want to purchase 365 Business, attempt to install, and have a massive conflict that can’t be undone.

    I would prefer not to have to convert all personal accounts to 365 Business. That’s just overkill (and expensive). I would also prefer not to have separate computers for personal and business. That’s just not practical.

    Multiple calls to Microsoft Business Sales have concerned me because I get seriously different answers and people seem to not know.
    My basic goal is to be able to log in and out of 365 personal and 365 business accounts on the same computers, while retaining separate OneDrives, etc… for all users. I should be able to do all business and personal with one laptop from a nice beach!

    I hope the question makes sense, and your post indicates you might have encountered (and solved) this before. Any thoughts and advice are much appreciated!

    1. Hi Will,
      I am successfully using Microsoft 365 Business and the personal 365 on my computer. I use the included office apps that the personal 365 account gives me. I did NOT buy the Business $12.50/user/month because it could cause problems (but I don’t know for sure).

      For your situation, what if you purchase a Business M365 $5/month plan for you, but for your other users, purchase the $12.50/month plan for them that includes the biz 365 + all the apps. When you buy licenses from MSFT, you choose the right plan for each person – not everyone has to have the same plan. That would solve your problem.

      Then on your computer, you can switch between biz and personal M365 (look at my video again on how to set it up). I do it every day – sometimes I save docs to my SharePoint/OneDrive for Business and sometimes I save them to my OneDrive.There’s no logging in and out, everything is already set up.

      When you call MSFT, I think they are instructed to say that you should use their business suite of apps rather than the personal, but if you already have personal installed…

      Hope that gives you the confidence to go forward.


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