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Year End Review

Every year-end, I like to post a synopsis of the most read articles  from this year. Below are my stats. The number one spot goes to an article I wrote years ago about calendar syncing. It seems people are still having calendaring problems. There are problemsUntitled design when it comes to being able to view calendars on their devices across varying platforms. Many are in the Gmail world, but want to import their Gmail into Microsoft Outlook. I think Google shut off some compatibility in 2014 for those folks living in the Google app world but wanting to have mail in Outlook.

Most of you come here looking for information to fix a problem and don’t stay long. I’m the same way when I have a problem I’m researching and combing through other people’s How-To blogs. I may skim several blogs looking for exactly the right information, then I quickly search the article looking for the steps I need and then I’m gone. I do try to remember to leave a comment to thank the blog writer because I really enjoy reading your comments on my blog.



What’s In Store for 2015

I’ll be publishing my inaugural monthly newsletter in January. I’ve been procrastinating on this for years – wanting it to be just right and over thinking what should be in it. I’ve had talks with some coaches (which I shuffled to the background), but January, 2015 will be the publish date. It will be focused on how-to’s (revolving around Microsoft products), but I won’t leave out other relevant software. I’ll have a promo and link to a current blog article and will feature some resources. The newsletter will change as time goes on. I will be sending out a survey to find out what you want to know and learn about.

I’m a big fan of Office 365 and will continue writing about the benefits and features of this evolving platform. I’m going to SMB Nation’s Office 365 Tour in Dallas in April to spend a full day learning more about this technology.

I publish articles over on LinkedIn and I’d invite you to connect with me over there at

If you have ideas and thoughts, please leave me a comment or email me at

I hope you’re excited about your 2015 and wish you all the best.

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