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Microsoft Word 2016 New Features (Oct. 2017)

This week we’re focusing on Microsoft Word. Specifically, we’re going to go over some new Word 2016 features that have recently been announced — things like pen drawing, having Word read aloud, looking over the activity of documents and how to share documents in both OneDrive (consumer) and OneDrive for Business.

If you have Office 365 Home ($99/year and you get 5 licenses), or Office 365 Pro Plus, then you’ll have the advantage of getting monthly updates and improvements with Word.

In my video, I demo Word on my laptop which has O365 Home + Office Insiders. If you don’t see the Draw Tab, keep reading for how to reveal it on your Menu Bar.

Backstage View of Word 2016

Before we get to the new features, I start out by showing the ‘backstage’ view of Word. This is when you click on ‘File’ and then ‘Account’ and you see the product information, what version you have, status of updates and more.

Word Backstage

When you start Word, you’re prompted to sign-in with a Microsoft account. This will really personalize your experience by keeping a list of recent documents, setting a theme and giving you the ability to add Connected Services as you see above.

Word 2016 New Features

Draw and Ink

There are many new features, we’ll be looking at the new drawing tools and pens first. Now, you have the ability to grab a pen and do some inking right on your document. If your screen has touch, use your finger to make symbols or even write something. If your computer has a pen, use that, or just use your mouse! There are multiple color pens, multiple widths that can be chosen and you can see the other options below. Very cool!

Word 2016 inking features

Only Office 365 subscribers get this feature and if you have it and don’t see the Draw tab, you’ll need to enable it with these instructions from Microsoft:

  1. On the File menu, select Options.
  2. Tap the Customize Ribbon tab in the Options dialog box.
  3. In the box on the right side of the dialog box, tap the check box labeled Draw.

What can you do with the drawing features?

You can use draw/ink for editing, for writing math formulas (and have them converted to type), drawing shapes and having them converted to graphical shapes.

Read To Me

Word has become so much more accessible with the ‘Read Aloud’ feature. It’s found under the ‘Review’ menu item. Click on the read aloud and Word will read the entire document to you. It is a monotone type of voice. but it’s still nice to have.

Word 2016 audio or read aloud features

Easy Sharing & Document Activity

I conclude the video by showing and discussing the new and easier ways to share along with how to see all document activity.If you have OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, it is so easy to share – see the video!


More Training Resources

Microsoft is great about giving out some great resources and training. Here’s the link to not just Microsoft Word Tips, but all the Microsoft Office apps.

Have you tried out the inking features from Microsoft Word? Do you see a way you can use these cool tools in your work? What about the reading aloud? Please leave a comment.

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