Word 2013- 5 New Features

Today starts the first of a 4-part series I’m going to be doing on Microsoft Office 2013. There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Office, Office 365, web apps, subscriptions, etc. But for this series, we’re going to focus on just a few of the many improvements in Word, Excel PowerPoint and Outlook.

This week our focus is on Microsoft Office Word 2013. I decided to take you right into Word 2013 and show you in this video five useful features, along with a look at the backstage area where you can personalize your Office experience by showing you how to sign into Office with your Microsoft account. When you sign in and then personalize Word, perhaps by adding dictionary words, apps (I’ll show you how) or customizing your tool bar, then when you use Word on another computer, simply sign in and all your customization will appear.

In the Video – 5 New Word 2013 Features

    1. Use live layout and alignment guides
    2. Collaborate in Simple Markup View
    3. Insert online pictures and videos
    4. Full screen reading
    5. Edit PDF documents
Word 2013-5 Cool New Features


On the Word ribbon, look for Apps!

Bonuses – I show you the backstage area where you can personalize your copy of Office with a background and theme. I also show you that there apps for Word – yes Apps for Word. I saw that and clicked to go online and sure enough, there are a variety of apps for Word. Right now there’s not very many—only a page or so. Some are free and some are for-pay.


Word 2013 apps
Click on ‘Apps’ and you’ll go to the appropriate app store.

I’ve enjoyed using Office 2013 for the last month or so. The feature in Word I think I’ll appreciate the most is the picture layout and alignment. In the past, I’ve spent so much time getting my photo to look just right in a document, opening and closing the layout guide, experimenting with different settings and wasting a lot of time. This feature alone is worth the upgrade for me.

Will you or have you upgraded? What do you like or not like about Word 2013? Leave me a comment or tweet me at @lynntotherescue.

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