Windows Live Writer–Best Blogging Software!


I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer for about 4 years now and still depend on it for my weekly blog postings. It’s the best blogging software out there. I’ve even read Mac people admitting that! It’s a free application that comes bundled with Microsoft Live Essentials, which you can get here. Here are my favorite features:

• A WYSIWYG feature that enables you to click to preview what it’ll look like on your particular blog theme.

• Ability to cut and paste photos and images right in my post. I don’t have to upload them into WordPress. It’s nice to be able to get a snip of a page (using Snip-It) and then copy and paste. Of course, I can use the insert feature and insert images.

• Images can be aligned, cropped, resized or styled quickly. I don’t have to navigate WordPress’ slow interface and click through several screens to get the effect I want.

• I manage more than one blog and Live Writer lets me set up each one individually and I simply choose from a drop down which account I want to work in.

• If you use WordPress, TypePad or Blogger, you can set up Live Writer to be your tool.

• There’s a spell checker that comes in helpful, also a word count feature I find myself using every week.

• There are Plug-Ins that can be installed. Some I’ve had good luck with, but some not so much. I see there’s a SnagIt Screen Capture Plugin that I’m going to try out. It looks like you will need to have the paid version of SnagIt in order to use the plugin.

• I can set up all my categories and tags right from my desktop.

• Publishing dates and times can also be selected before uploading

• When uploading, I can select to just put it in my blog (I’ll find it in Draft Posts), or I can select to put it in my blog and edit right away

• The file can be emailed to someone else if collaboration is needed

• There’s a forum just for us –

I could probably think of more features, but these are all so important to me and many other people. I’ve heard that Windows Live Writer’s future may be in jeopardy with the release of Windows 8. I’ve also heard it may be staying around. I read in this Windows 8 forum about a problem someone was having when using WLW and it was resolved, so at least I know it’s working with Windows 8.

Issues with Windows Live Writer

It seems that with the release of WordPress 3.2, the upload process has not gone as smoothly. Sometimes it would be flawless, other times, I’d give up and copy and paste it. I took a look at the forums and was reminded that there is usually a ‘Repair’ function for about any Windows products. So I went to the Add/Remove Programs and selected Windows Live Essentials and clicked the ‘uninstall/change’ button at the top and it went ahead and said it was repairing Windows Live Writer. It took probably 30” or so and required a reboot. Things are going well now and I hope that fix was the one I needed.

If anyone reading this knows anything, please put a comment in – thanks!

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