What’s REALLY On Your Computer – Belarc will tell you!


Wondering what’s lurking on your computer’s hard drive? Had your computer for awhile and it’s getting hardening of the arteries? Do you do computer troubleshooting and need to know what’s on that machine without having to sift through all the folders within windows explorer?

I’ve got to look at a friend’s computer this weekend. I’m going to download the free program from Belarc at http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html
I’ve used it with my own systems and found it a great resource. Here’s what it’ll tell you:

  • all software programs installed – including your windows system PLUS it gives you your product key (very useful!)
  • status of your windows updates and anti-virus status
  • details of your CD/DVD drives
  • motherboard, processor, graphics system & memory details

The program is downloadable (and FREE). Install and run it and it will post the results in a web page for easy viewing and printing. Try it today!

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