2006 Photo from our Canadian vacation

How To Use Windows Photo Gallery to Organize Your Photos

Organizing photos is one of those projects usually on our to-do lists. With a little

time and effort, you can take control of the folders of photos you have sitting either on your hard drive or perhaps they’re still on

2006 Photo from our Canadian vacation
2006 Photo from our Canadian vacation

your camera’s SD card. In this post and video, I’ll show you how to get, install and use Windows Photo Gallery to organize all your photos.

If you are using Microsoft’s OneDrive, Outlook and free Web Apps, then downloading and installing Windows Photo Gallery will assure a smooth, integrative experience. I pretty much live in the Microsoft product world, so I’ve been a user of Photo Gallery for many years. Check your PC for Photo Gallery, but you’ll most likely need to download it from here. When you click to install, you’ll be asked which programs you want. For our purposes, install Photo Gallery and Movie Maker (we’ll look at Movie Maker another time).

I decided to organize my photos quite a few years ago. I’m using an example of a Maine/Canadian vacation we took in 2006. Each evening I’d put all the photos I took that day on my laptop, making a folder for each day and which town/island we were in. Then I used descriptive names for the photos as I knew I’d soon forget!

I’ve made a 10” video that covers the following:

  • Where to download and which elements of the download to install
  • Explain how Photo Gallery automatically starts cataloging and organizing the photos you have in the Pictures folder
  • How to add more folders to the Pictures Library
  • How to tag, caption and identify people’s faces
  • The different ways Photo Gallery can sort your photos
  • How to crop, resize and rename photos
  • How to with one click, have Photo Gallery auto adjust your photo
  • How to use the more granular controls to change color, noise and other settings
  • How to send and share photos either via email or through your web browser

How to Get Your Photos Organized with Windows Photo Gallery

So how many photos are sitting in your camera or dumped on your hard drive and you can’t find the one you want? Installing Photo Gallery will go a long way in automatically getting your photos organized, then you can jump in and do some tagging to get them organized.
What photo organizing tips do you have to share? Please leave a comment.

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