Use About.Me to Showcase Your Profile

Are you everywhere on the web? By everywhere I mean, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Google+, your blog/website, YouTube; all the usual places socially connected people are. Once you’ve built up accounts at all your favorite locations, wouldn’t it be nice to have one url to share with your network? The site, About.Me does a more-than-adequate job in providing a one-stop shop for you to showcase yourself or your business by giving you a place to consolidate and show off all your social networks.

About.Me is stunningly visual because they allow you to upload a huge image – one that stretches and fills a whole computer screen, so make it a good quality photo. Then you’ll want to take some time to fill out a little biography on yourself and look into the other account settings, like notifications. If you want to be notified when people fave, compliment, share, reply, etc. to your page, this is the place to make your wishes known.

Next, is the most relevant part – adding the multiple ‘apps’ that let people know how to connect with you at most of your social networks. I say most because some are not there. Although there are six pages of apps to scroll through, Pinterest is noticeably absent from the list. Perhaps they are working on it.

Below is a snapshot of the Edit Page and some of the apps I’ve added. Be sure to click on the other tabs. Configuring your background, colors and fonts make your page unique and draws people in to look things over.


When you’re finished filling things out at the site, then About.Me gives you several ways to share your profile.

about me sharing

Below is code I put in a widget and then placed on my website. The social media icons will take you to my various sites.


About.Me adds Audio and Video Features to Bio

From the About.Me Blog, you can now add audio and/or video from SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo right in your bio. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s a powerful way to connect with others and make your profile stand out.

Setting up your profile is free, so what are you waiting for?


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