Two Tips LinkedIn is Hiding From You

This week, I’ve got two LinkedIn tips for you via video. I found them in a ‘Forbes’ article by linkediniconWilliam Arruda where he wrote an article listing 22 tips. So check it out for more.

The first tip is how to turn off notifications when you make edits to your profile. It could be a bit embarrassing when you make a change, save it, make more changes, save them and then you realize, too late, that everyone has now seen these small, non-essential updates in their newsfeed (well, maybe not every one, but quite a few). So I’ll show you how to turn that off, temporarily.

Second, I’ll show you how to stalk/view people’s profiles in stealth mode. So let’s take a look.


Two Settings to use LinkedIn more effectively

These two settings are turned on by default in LinkedIn, so it’s up to you to remember to adjust them as needed.

I hope you found it informative, if so, please leave a comment and pass it along. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I have quite a few how-to videos dealing with using software or gadgets. See you there!

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