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If you find it difficult to tear yourself away from Twitter and Facebook to pay a little attention to updating your LinkedIn accounts…never fear– you can still get your Twitter fix on LinkedIn!


If you have a well-developed LinkedIn presence, you’ve probably added Applications to your page. I wrote about the new LinkedIn Applications last November. One of them is Company Buzz. After clicking on Applications and then clicking on Company Buzz, you’ll have this app up and running in no time. It defaults to giving you a choice of looking for ‘buzz’ on companies listed in your resume.

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After you’ve sifted through news on your old employers, type a name, company name or phrase in the search box and you’ll get the latest results – just as if you were on Twitter. You’re not limited to just the default companies you’ve worked for.

I did several searches and then went to Twitter and did the same searches and the results were pretty much the same, so it doesn’t seem that there’s any kind of delay.

Sharing & Trends

While you’re doing some updating of your page, you notice a tweet that has a link to an interesting article and you’d like to share it with a client or co-worker. On each of the ‘tweets’ in Company Buzz, there’s a ‘share’ hyperlink below and to the right of every tweet.

Simply click ‘share’ and your selected tweet will be imported into a LinkedIn email message where you can select up to 50 people to receive the tweet along with any information you’d like to add to it. Nice and easy.

You’ll also notice a graph right below the Company Buzz section. This shows how many times the ‘trend’ of a topic you’ve chosen was mentioned on Twitter on a certain date. Another feature to explore are the ‘buzz words’ associated with your search. Click on any of the words and your Twitter stream will adjust to show only tweets with particular buzz words associated with your topic. This ability to drill down into a topic could save you time and give some interesting and worthwhile results.

This video gives a rundown on installing and using the application.

If you haven’t  installed this application, give it a try and share some interesting news or articles with your connections.

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