Tree Style Tab-Organize Your Browser

When I’m doing research or work for clients, I often have a need to open many browser windows. I would find the more windows I had open, the less productive and more scattered I felt.

I just recently heard about this great add-on from Firefox called Tree Style Tabs. If you’re not using Firefox, this is a great reason to do so.

Here’s what it does:


  • tabs are neatly organized along the left side of the screen and are readable (you can also opt to have tabs displayed on the right, top or bottom)
  • If you click on a link within a site, the new tab opens up right underneath the first site tab. It’s slightly indented, showing you it’s related to the one above.
  • Groups of tabs can be expanded or collapsed as you wish
  • Easily drag and drop tabs to organize them
  • You can choose to hide your tab sidebar
  • Easily organize multiple projects by grouping tabs together
  • no more rows of cluttered tabs at the top of your screen

I’ve been using it for about a week now and my desktop seems much more uncluttered and organized now. I especially enjoy how readable my tabs are and how multiple pages from one site are grouped together so neatly.

Tree Style Tabs does work best if you have a wide-screen monitor. I installed it on my husband’s computer, but he quickly complained it took up too much real estate on his monitor, so I simply changed the tabs to appear at the top.

If you want to see a quick look at the tabs in action, here’s a minute & a half video that will give you a tour.

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