move apps to sd card & turn off notifications

Transfer Android Apps to SD Card & How To Turn Off Android Notifications

If you take videos and photos and listen to podcasts as well as download apps, then you may have gotten notifications that you’re out of storage room on your phone. I’ll be showing you how to move your Android apps to your SD Card and how to turn off notifications.

How To Move Apps To Your SD Card

My phone’s storage filled up pretty quickly, but I was prepared with a 32GB SD card (purchased from Amazon). I installed the card and then wondered how do I move some apps over there? There’s nothing like a video to show you how, so hit play and watch my short 2 minute video on how to quickly move apps over to your SD card.

Turn off Some Notifications on Your Android Phone

As I was researching this, I noticed that as I’m moving things over to the SD card, I could also choose to disable those sometimes annoying notifications that are making my phone go off continuously.

android notification screen

I think the default is for the phone to notify me about every email, message, app update and even when my phone sneezes (joke). I don’t mind getting text message notifications and a few others (like Twitter), but I don’t need to know when an email comes in and I can wait to find out if Amazon Music has updated.

To turn off these types of notifications, go to Settings>Applications>Application Manager and open up one of your apps. The example below is Groupon –  just uncheck the green check box and no more notifications!

Android move to sd card

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