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This space has been dedicated to talking about web tools, gadgets and ideas in the tech space for the last four years. This week’s article will be a little different.

The last two years, I’ve been heavily into WordPress, (I used it first just for blogging, but have since moved my website to WordPress). This happened because I started attending our local WordPress Users Group and during one of the meetings, I found out that iThemes (the best premium theme company out there), was located right in my home town of Edmond, Oklahoma!

When I realized iThemes was a local company with great people and support, I bought my first theme (Flexx). Since then, I’ve purchased several of their plug-ins and the great Builder theme from iThemes. I’ve watched them grow and have gotten to know them because of Cory Miller’s gracious opening of his office to host our WordPress Meetups from time to time.

Besides offering premium products, iThemes has a good number of free plugins, tutorials and free video training (there is a membership site too),  offered in the spirit of giving back to the WordPress community.


So now, we come to

The <div>

The Div just had its Grand Opening today, August 25th. So what is a <div>?  The <div> tag is a block-level element used by web developers and coders. It’s a kind of container. So the founders of The Div named it that because they knew it would be instantly recognizable by the web tech community.

From The Div website: ‘The Div is a tech community hub dedicated to innovation, creativity and training for a better Oklahoma.

The Executive Director of The Div is Lindsey Miller. She conducts the day to day operations and is reaching out to the OKC and Edmond community to let them know about this great resource. Her husband is one of the co-founders and owner of iThemes, Cory Miller.

Lindsey & Cory Miller
Lindsey & Cory Miller

The other two co-founders are Scott Day and Jay Chapman of Digimedia LP an Edmond internet company.

Purpose—What Do They Do?

The 1800-square foot space is set up with a large room with tables & chairs for web (mainly WordPress) training. The classroom area can also be used by local groups for workshops, and meetings. There’s a sitting/gathering area as you walk in the door with the Director’s office and library off the entry area.

Thursdays are for co-working (free). Bring your laptop and create, collaborate or just get away from your home office. They will be having Friday Lunch ‘N Learns and other events will be added – check the calendar page.

The Div’s aim (a non-profit, by the way), is to be a place to inspire and grow the web tech community in Oklahoma. There is already a great tech presence in the city and The Div provides not only a hang-out, but a place to learn, acquire new skills and network.

The Div is looking for people to volunteer their time and/or speaking expertise and money donations are welcome too. There’s also a ‘Read’ room and they are looking for book donations. Check the website for opportunities.

Grand Opening Celebration- 8/25/11

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, Senator Clark Jolley and Edmond Mayor, Patrice Douglas, were some of the dignitaries attending and speaking at today’s celebration. Here are a few pictures. Justin Seely, an instructor with iThemes, did a demo on ‘How To Create A Website In Under 20 Minutes”.

I’m looking forward to working with The Div and engaging more with the web tech community in Oklahoma City.

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