The Best Of 2009

Thanks to all for your readership and comments over the last year. I enjoy keeping my eyes and ears open for new technologies and writing about it in a way to be easily understood and easy to integrate into your digital life to make you more efficient. Best wishes toholly & berries all for a techie new year!

As the year winds down, I was taking a look at my blog post stats and thought it might be helpful to do a ‘best of’ post of my top 10 posts for the year. Below is the list and number of views.

Windows Calendar Sync with Google Calendar/Windows Live Calendar with Outlook

Windows Live Photo Gallery vs. Picasa – 1,305 views

Picasa 3 Movie Maker Review – 694 views

Windows 7 Review – 690 views

Do A Clean Install With Windows 7 Student Version – 406 views

Google Voice-Keep Your Original Number – 401 views

How To Add A Facebook Fanbox or Badge To Your Website –  336 views

Back-up Your Facebook Contacts – 314 views

Windows Live Mail-POP Account Enabled – 244 views

Microsoft SkyDrive & Photo Storage Upgrades – 231 views

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