How To Plan A WordPress WordCamp

We had the first-ever WordCamp in OKC on July 30th. You can read the nice write-up by Sarah Gooding over at WPTavern. Now that life is pretty much back to normal for me (I was the lead organizer), I thought I’d write up my take on How to plan a WordPress WordCamp. How To Plan A WordPress WordCamp Gauge the interest in your city Meetup …

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OKC WordCamp Masthead

WordPress Wapuu!

This spring and summer have been full of WordPress WordCamp planning activities. As a result, I’ve been neglecting my weekly blog postings for most of the summer now. You can read about the first-ever WordCamp in Oklahoma here at our website. We have an amazing speaker lineup and our organizing team has worked extremely hard getting all the detail work done. I’ve had the lead …

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WordPress WordCamp Website Tools

Oklahoma City is hosting its first-ever OKC WordCamp on July 30th and I am serving as lead organizer, along with a super organizing team! I was listening to WPTavern’s episode 234 with Andrea Middleton on WordCamps and all the WordCamp tools that are available for organizers to use in our WordPress website dashboards.  I thought other WordPress people would be interested, so I did a …

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OKC WordCamp Masthead

WordCamp DFW 2015

Just came back from WordCamp DFW. It was a great 1-day event in Arlington, TX and probably the only one I’ll get to in 2015. This was the Dallas area’s 2nd  in a row since starting back up in 2014 and this year, the venue was bigger, brighter and better for having conversations in the hallways.   This year, they added a Kid’s Camp to …

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WordCamp DFW 2014

Last Saturday, October 4th, was the long-awaited DFW WordCamp #wcdfw. Long-awaited because the last one was in 2009. WordCamps are a gathering of folks interested/obsessed with WordPress. It’s a 1 to 3 day event that focuses on the sharing of information related to all things WordPress. Most WordCamps have tracks that hopefully have appeal to anyone attending. Here are common tracks at a WordCamp: Beginner …

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