Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Album

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta was released in early August. Windows Live Essentials is a bundle of free products from MIcrosoft that everyone with a PC should get. It includes: Hotmail/Live Mail – this used to be bundled in the OS (remember Outlook Exchange)? Now Outlook Exchange is history and Windows Live Mail/Hotmail is in with some great features. Windows Live Photo Gallery –…

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Windows Live Photo Gallery vs. Picasa

Microsoft just released their ‘Live Wave 3’ updates prior to the big CES show. Today, we’re going to focus on the Windows Live Photo Gallery and why you should get it! If you’ve used Windows Photo Gallery, or any of their other ‘Windows’ branded apps years ago and were underwhelmed, well, this is different. Think of WLPG (windows live photo gallery), being an upgraded Picasa.…

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