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Import Live Calendar into Google Calendar

If you are using Microsoft calendar that comes with Windows 7, or have downloaded and installed Windows Live Calendar (and mail),  did you know you can import other iCal standard calendars into your Live calendar or you can put your Live Calendar into your Gmail Calendar? Sometimes, it’s nice to have your Live and Google calendars (and mail), in the same place. This article will…

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Windows Calendar Sync with Google Calendar/Windows Live Calendar with Outlook

We’ve talked several times about calendar syncing and what works with what. We are all looking for the holy grail of calendar syncing and we all have our unique needs and situations. Today, we’ll talk about two other calendar syncing tools: a 1-way Google to Windows Calendar Sync and 2-way Windows Live Calendar to Outlook 2007 Calendar Sync (includes mail as well). 1-way Google to…

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