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How I Used System Restore to Fix an Office 365 Error

Windows System Restore is one of the best tools built into the Microsoft OS. I have a story I’ll share here about a client who was having Upload Center problems with Office 365. Then I’ll share some other ways this tool can back you out of a software problem. This versatile tool is found in the System Tools area in Windows 7. For Windows 8, just…

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system restore

Do A Clean Install With Windows 7 Student Version

Post updated July 8, 2010 – Microsoft closed their student store – but you can still visit this site to upgrade to Windows 7 for students – same price $29.99. I’d been looking into getting a student version of Windows 7 for my daughter’s computer to upgrade her from Vista. I purchased one this week and the options during the purchase were to download a file,…

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HomeGroup Feature in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a new feature called HomeGroup, which is really another word for  home network. Windows 7 has really made it easy to connect to other computers in the same household that are also running Windows 7. To get started, go to the start>control panel and then click on the Network and Internet section, finally select HomeGroup. Here’s where you choose what you want…

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