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GoToAssist – a Remote Support Program

Aren’t there times when you want to look at someone’s computer…take CONTROL of their computer to either walk them through the steps to accomplish a task, or maybe get a quick file? Perhaps a client or friend is having computer ‘issues’, and you are the IT support. http://gotoassist.com. I heard about GoToAssist on the Chris Pirillo podcast recently. He spoke of it highly and said…

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Calendar, Address Book and Task Sharing Program

It seems that VAs (virtual assistants) are always on the lookout for a great calendar program to use with their clients. Sometimes our clients are attached to Outlook and don’t want to move to a web-based tool such as Google or Airset. What to do? I’ve been using, very successfully with a client, a free program called Plaxo. The client needs to be signed up…

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