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7 Things Virus Protection Companies Won’t Tell You

 This week we have guest author, John Dayton bringing a timely article on malware. People ask me how they can get a virus on their computer when they’re running anti-virus software and John does a good job explaining….About the author: When John Dayton isn’t providing poignant articles about the tech industry, you can find him reviewing forensic engineering services or having a game of catch…

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What’s REALLY On Your Computer – Belarc will tell you!

Wondering what’s lurking on your computer’s hard drive? Had your computer for awhile and it’s getting hardening of the arteries? Do you do computer troubleshooting and need to know what’s on that machine without having to sift through all the folders within windows explorer? I’ve got to look at a friend’s computer this weekend. I’m going to download the free program from Belarc at…

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