Remove Duplicate Outlook Contacts

I recently decided to sign up for Plaxo (still don’t know if that was a good idea). Plaxo is yet another social networking site that will take you away from doing real work :). After signing up, you can then sync your Outlook address book with the on-line Plaxo address book to have ‘in-the-cloud’ access anywhere. So I chose to do this and then when…

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How I Moved My Outlook email to Gmail and Retained the Best of Both Worlds

I’d been an Outlook user for many years – both corporately (using Exchange), and currently in my VA Practice. When you’re in the corporate world, Outlook is the client to use. But, during the past two years, a whole new world of education and exploration opened up while I went through my VA Training and the launch of my VA practice. Class training emphasized collaboration…

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