Google Calendar 2-Way Sync & Contacts

It seems we all are looking for the ‘magic bullet’ of syncing software. We want to be able to access our email, contacts and calendar remotely, on our main computer and on our PDA. A big ‘must’ for Virtual Assistants is the ability to access our clients’ calendars. We need access to post appointments, send invitations to meetings or find free time for setting up…

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Remove Duplicate Outlook Contacts

I recently decided to sign up for Plaxo (still don’t know if that was a good idea). Plaxo is yet another social networking site that will take you away from doing real work :). After signing up, you can then sync your Outlook address book with the on-line Plaxo address book to have ‘in-the-cloud’ access anywhere. So I chose to do this and then when…

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How I Moved A Client from Outlook email to Gmail–and did it remotely

Last week, I blogged about moving my email to Gmail with the intent to do this follow-up on how I did the same for a client of mine. This client lives in her Outlook email and travels frequently. Earlier this year she went from a Blackberry to iPhone. She loves her iPhone. She expressed her need for me to have access to her email and…

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How I Moved My Outlook email to Gmail and Retained the Best of Both Worlds

I’d been an Outlook user for many years – both corporately (using Exchange), and currently in my VA Practice. When you’re in the corporate world, Outlook is the client to use. But, during the past two years, a whole new world of education and exploration opened up while I went through my VA Training and the launch of my VA practice. Class training emphasized collaboration…

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