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OneDrive Files On Demand Walk-through

I’m a little late to getting and working with Office 365’s Files On Demand feature. As of now (August, 2017), you can get access only  if you are in the Windows Insider’s Program Fast Ring. I got on it a couple weeks ago and the first thing I did was a OneDrive Files on Demand Walk-through. I’d been eager to see not only Files On…

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How To Install New Next Gen Sync Client (Sep. 2016)

This article will show you how to install the new OneDrive Sync client on your PC. This is the the sync client introduced at the September, 2016 Microsoft Ignite Conference. The last sync client was called the next gen sync client. It looks like they are naming this the ‘new’ OneDrive sync client. To show you, I have a 7″ video – a little longer…

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OneDrive for Business SlideShare

This week I’m sharing a OneDrive for Business SlideShare presentation from John White, MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), on the history of OneDrive for Business and where we are today with it. He is a CTO and has a Master’s in Engineering. This OneDrive SlideShare was published in June, 2016. I found this while looking through LinkedIn and thought it was one of the best…

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Fixing OneDrive/SharePoint Sync Issues

When you’re using the Groove sync client, it’s easy to get sync error notifications. Sometimes they are an easy fix and sometimes you can spend a lot of time trying to first locate and then correct issues. A quick way to fix OneDrive For Business/SharePoint sync issues is to stop syncing the affected folder, renaming it (you’ll see why), and then sync it fresh. It…

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How To Do An Initial OneDrive For Business Sync

If you are putting Office 365 along with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint on a new computer or workstation, this video will show you how to start your first OneDrive For Business and SharePoint sync. (Windows 10.) I’ll outline the general steps below, but check the video to catch all the detail. This video deals with how to do the OneDrive For Business & SharePoint…

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What’s Going On-Office 365 and OneDrive For Business Sync Clients

The Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive For Business Sync engine has created a lot of confusion. There are multiple sync engines (Next Gen and Groove) that are used – depending on : what version of office is installed when they originally began using O365 if they use both OneDrive (consumer) and ODFB maybe other factors I don’t know Here’s the quick and dirty… Next Gen Sync…

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Fix OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Syncing Issues

  Syncing problems with Office 365 SharePoint sites – sometimes they’re easy to resolve and sometimes they are very difficult, tedious and nearly impossible to resolve (unless you are very well acquainted with SharePoint-speak and have some pretty deep networking/IT/Microsoft knowledge). This is the story of how I resolved a tough (for me), syncing issue with O365 SharePoint sites. The problem: client said some of…

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How To Use the Bulk Rename Utility

If you’ve ever had a project in front of you where you needed to go through huge numbers of computer files and rename them or search for a particular word or symbol and replace them quickly, then the Bulk File Rename Utility is for you. My client wanted to move many thousands of files and folders from his server to OneDrive for Business. We found…

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