OneDrive Files On Demand Walk-through

I’m a little late to getting and working with Office 365’s Files On Demand feature. As of now (August, 2017), you can get access only  if you are in the Windows Insider’s Program Fast Ring. I got on it a couple weeks ago and the first thing I did was a OneDrive Files on Demand Walk-through. I’d been eager to see not only Files On…

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OneDrive Files On Demand

The SharePoint Virtual Summit (held May 16th), contained some important news about changes coming to OneDrive For Business and Consumer. The biggest announcement was the introduction of OneDrive Files On Demand – the long awaited Placeholders update/replacement. We’ll focus here on the OneDrive and SharePoint news. If you want a recap on the entire Virtual SharePoint Summit, here you go. OneDrive Files On Demand “OneDrive…

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Huge OneDrive News From Microsoft Ignite 2016

Huge OneDrive news was announced at last month’s Microsoft Ignite conference. Especially noteworthy is that there’s a preview of this new OneDrive sync client available now that will sync both your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Team Sites. It also includes selective sync for folders and files. I’ve inserted the 12″ video at the end if you want to watch, but this article will summarize…

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How I Used System Restore to Fix an Office 365 Error

Windows System Restore is one of the best tools built into the Microsoft OS. I have a story I’ll share here about a client who was having Upload Center problems with Office 365. Then I’ll share some other ways this tool can back you out of a software problem. This versatile tool is found in the System Tools area in Windows 7. For Windows 8, just…

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Fix OneDrive for Business Sync Errors with Tool

If you have the business branded Office 365, one of the components is OneDrive for Business. This is storage for your company’s files. There’s the SharePoint side which is mainly used for sharing documents with teams. Then there’s the OneDrive for Business Personal storage. OneDrive in the cloud syncs to your desktop/phone/tablet/laptop, giving you access to your files from anywhere. Whatever is in the ‘cloud’…

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Share Your Microsoft Documents Without The Cloud

There are continual updates to Office 365 and OneDrive. One of them is a streamlined way to send documents without having to log into your cloud account as long as your documents are stored in OneDrive. Streamlined meaning you don’t send the document itself, instead you’re sending the recipients a link. We’re going to step you through how to do it. Before this update appeared,…

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Sharing With OneDrive

A big advantage of cloud storage is the ability to share files and folders. No one these days wants to get an email with 20 photo attachments or see their send/receive progress clogged up by someone trying to send a video. This is especially irksome when you’re receiving these over a mobile data connection.With OneDrive, everyone gets a generous 7GB (updated August, 2014 to 15GB) …

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OneDrive For Business Stand Alone Product

OneDrive for Business, cloud storage from Microsoft, has really made it easy and affordable for anyone to try them out. On top of that, they’ve made many enhancements to their cloud storage offerings which we will go over. We’re talking OneDrive for Business, not OneDrive, which is a consumer product. There are some big differences between them. Here’s what OneDrive for Business offers: 1TB of…

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