Jing-Make a Video, Take A Screenshot

Recently, I was wanting to do an instructional video for a friend who needed to perform edits of her website and I remembered how I had used Jing a year or so ago.  If you’ve never used the program, you may find it helpful to download the guidebook (pdf), as it quickly steps you through how to do a screenshot and how to make a…

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Jing – Free Screen Capture & Video Utility

I had tried out Jing last year, but took it off my computer as it was a resource hog. Memory consumption decreased greatly, so I thought  I would give it another go. A brief synopsis of Jing Features: Takes a snapshot of your whole screen or a small portion of your screen Option to save your output (.jpg) to either a free screencast account, your…

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Free Screen Capture Utility: Snipping Tool, You Don’t Need SnagIt or Jing

If you have Windows Vista, you have a free screen capture utility at your fingertips called Snipping Tool. Microsoft includes this with every copy of Vista. I discovered it accidentally when looking through my list of built-in accessories. It’s very simple to use. Bring up the program (I go to the start button and type in snipping tool). It will instantly come up. There are…

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