Google Voice-One Number for Life

Several months back I was listening to Leo Laporte – all around tech guy. He was talking about how Google purchased Grand Central in order to revamp it into a new service called Google Voice. Right now, you can join Google Voice only by invitation. I visited the website and signed up to get the very special invitation from Google. It arrived a couple of…

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Google Calendar 2-Way Sync & Contacts

It seems we all are looking for the ‘magic bullet’ of syncing software. We want to be able to access our email, contacts and calendar remotely, on our main computer and on our PDA. A big ‘must’ for Virtual Assistants is the ability to access our clients’ calendars. We need access to post appointments, send invitations to meetings or find free time for setting up…

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How I Moved A Client from Outlook email to Gmail–and did it remotely

Last week, I blogged about moving my email to Gmail with the intent to do this follow-up on how I did the same for a client of mine. This client lives in her Outlook email and travels frequently. Earlier this year she went from a Blackberry to iPhone. She loves her iPhone. She expressed her need for me to have access to her email and…

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