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Principle 7 | Social Investment

We’ve arrived to the final principle in our Happiness Advantage series. It’s all about social investment, i.e. investing in relationships that shelter, sustain and nurture us. Having close relationships is what gets us through the challenges of life. Some of us are really good at opening up and sharing challenges and setbacks and then some of us like to tough it out and handle it […]

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principle 7 - social investment

The Tetris Effect-Retrain Your Brain

Principle Three of ‘The Happiness Advantage’, is called The Tetris Effect. I like to call it ‘Retrain Your Brain to see Things In A More Positive Way’. Achor calls this ‘The Tetris Effect’, in reference to the digital game, Tetris. I think I’ve played it a few times. He’s making a connection between people playing Tetris for hours on end and then after they quit

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retrain your brain
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