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How To Disable The Groove Sync Client

By now, those of us with Windows 10 and the Fall (2017) Windows Creator’s Update are using the newest OneDrive sync engine. It’s the one with FOD (files on demand). This sync client is the one after NGSC (next gen sync client). I’ve noticed that some of my clients still are showing the old (Groove) OneDrive sync client. This article and video will show you…

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Fixing OneDrive/SharePoint Sync Issues

When you’re using the Groove sync client, it’s easy to get sync error notifications. Sometimes they are an easy fix and sometimes you can spend a lot of time trying to first locate and then correct issues. A quick way to fix OneDrive For Business/SharePoint sync issues is to stop syncing the affected folder, renaming it (you’ll see why), and then sync it fresh. It…

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