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Activate Google Voice Transcription on Cell Phone

I just heard about a feature I wasn’t using with Google Voice. Now I can get voicemails made to my non-Google Voice number transcribed and texted and/or emailed to me! To most of us, this is the biggest benefit of switching to GV, but  you don’t have to give up your mobile number to get this benefit. If you have a GV (Google Voice) number…

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Google Voice-Keep Your Original Number

Google Voice made some attractive changes announced in their blog October 26th. Until now, those of us lucky enough to receive an invitation had to make a difficult choice to change our number over to our Google number—or not. This week, Google said they recognize how difficult it is for some to give up their numbers, so they’ve been able to tweak the technology to…

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Google Voice-One Number for Life

Several months back I was listening to Leo Laporte – all around tech guy. He was talking about how Google purchased Grand Central in order to revamp it into a new service called Google Voice. Right now, you can join Google Voice only by invitation. I visited the website and signed up to get the very special invitation from Google. It arrived a couple of…

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