Consolidate Email With Windows Live or Gmail

It’s easier than ever to consolidate your email accounts in one place. If you prefer Windows Live Mail (free with the Vista or Windows 7 OS), or if you prefer Gmail, both make it easy to get all your email under control and in one place. Let’s take a look. Here are great step-by-step instructions from Microsoft, so I won’t go into that level of…

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Free Google Mail, Calendar & Docs Training

Last week, we talked about the extensive, free training resources available for learning Microsoft Office. We highlighted the new Ribbon Hero interactive, game-style training. This week, we’ll focus on Google mail, calendar and docs and where to go to find training for these popular programs. I signed up for gmail about three years ago and have my mail coming into my Outlook where I prefer…

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How I Moved My Outlook email to Gmail and Retained the Best of Both Worlds

I’d been an Outlook user for many years – both corporately (using Exchange), and currently in my VA Practice. When you’re in the corporate world, Outlook is the client to use. But, during the past two years, a whole new world of education and exploration opened up while I went through my VA Training and the launch of my VA practice. Class training emphasized collaboration…

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