get genuine windows kit

How-to Get Genuine Windows

Is your copy of Windows valid and if not, what should you do about it? There is a Get Genuine Windows Kit that you can get on-line. The kit will cost less than buying a new copy of Windows.   I did an article on Get Genuine Windows Kit five years ago, but it’s still getting a lot of traffic, so I thought I’d write…

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get genuine windows

Get Genuine Windows Kit (get a legal copy of Microsoft Windows)

New and updated article on Get Genuine Windows Kit dated 4-20-2017 here. Today we’re going to go over how to make your copy of Windows legal (assuming it isn’t). Perhaps you bought a computer from Ebay  or Craigslist or a friend or family member ‘worked’ on your computer and installed a bootleg copy of Windows from a shady site. The latter happened to a client…

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