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Free Images for Office – Pickit

If you are a content creator, you’re probably on the lookout for free images and icons. Microsoft has teamed up with Pickit to bring this browsable and searchable collection to you for free. No money, no attribution needed, no copyright or creative commons to deal with. With Pickit, you get a searchable collection of photos, icons, 3D and moving images – 1.2 billion images! Here’s…

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free pick-it images from microsoft to use

Where To Find Free Images

If you’re a blogger, website developer or newsletter editor, then you most likely are keeping your eye out for images to enhance your written work. I learned long ago that an image is essential for every blog article and website page. Communities and the on-line world are accustomed to and expect visuals. Look at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – all three have engineered their streams…

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