Microsoft SkyDrive-New and Improved

Without any fanfare, Microsoft updates Windows Live SkyDrive with some impressive features. Let’s dig in to what caught my eye. New Microsoft SkyDrive Features 25GB of free storage (not new, but worth highlighting) no annoying ads anymore – thanks, Microsoft, this is much appreciated All your stuff in one place in an explorer-like presentation with folders listed alphabetically Sort through your SkyDrive stuff by clicking…

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Calendar Collaboration

Collaboration with clients is a high priority with VAs. There are a bevy of tools out there that we all talk about and try, some of them actually work for us! How do YOU evaluate a collaboration tool and decide to use it? I like to look at what those in my AssistU community say about them by posting some queries in our forum. This…

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Microsoft SharedView – File and Collaboration Tool for Small Groups

It seems like there are more and more collaboration tools cropping up. Here’s one from Microsoft called Microsoft SharedView. And no, you don’t have to use any Microsoft products in order to use it! Well, except for the OS. There is a small software download that is accessed here. In order to start a session, you need to use your Microsoft Live ID–what– you don’t…

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