Tabs for Office Documents & Ribbon Commands, Where Are They?

If you’d like to be able to view and switch quickly between multiple Word documents you have open, try out Extend Office’s Office Tab product. image

I’m trying it out and I think I’m going to find it very useful. I seem to have multiple Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents open at any time. I use Office 2010 and even though I can hover my mouse over the Excel icon at the bottom of my screen and quickly navigate to the sheet I want, it’s much quicker to see the names of my open spreadsheets and click the one I want to work on.


Cost is free for personal use and $25 for the Office Suite Extend Tab and includes 2 years of upgrades. After you download and install, you can open up the program and choose your configuration options as seen below.

There’s also a style & color tab if you want to take the time to make your tabs rounded or colored – a nice touch.


Ribbon Finder

This is a great feature from Extend Office for those of us who have a hard time remembering or learning where all the commands are on the Office ribbons.

Ribbon Finder is software that puts a search box in the ribbon area of Office programs. Then when you want to insert, wrap text, format cells, etc. but you don’t remember where the command is hiding, just type it in the search box and it gives you the steps. Fast and avoids frustration!


You can check out the versions, features and pricing here. They do have some free versions with this product too.

Can’t Get Used To the Ribbon? Want to go back to the Old 2003 Menu?  Classic Menus for Office!

If you have upgraded to either Office 2007 or 2010 and hate the ribbon, you can buy Classic Menus for Office to bring back the 2003 style menus for a cool $45. There are other products at the site, but these are the three that I thought would have greater interest. Check them out.

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